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(c) Copyright 2017 Light Under A Bushel Studios. All rights reserved. Reference photos of artwork are reproduced on this site at a lower quality to avoid piracy and copying.

Welcome to the home of
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Some years ago, in my home town of 'Darkest' Bampton, I was watching the Seven Champions Molly Dancers, and I found their form of entertainment and use of characters very inspirational. 
I approached the 'molly-pretender' to ask if he and his side would mind if I sent some caricatures from photos I'd taken whilst they were dancing. He said he'd be happy to see them, and I subsequently sent them off.  Very shortly afterwards I had a phone call from him sounding quite amazed, and saying how he had just gotten my offerings.
"You've been hiding your light under a bushel, haven't you?!" he said. I thought that pretty much sums up my approach. So I kept the name. Thank you David Roe (Molly Pretender) for that!

I have been interested in graphic art, cartooning, animation and illustration since an early age, often creating my own characters and cartoons, which have been published in various newsletters, magazines and newspapers in several European countries. I went through a time where I painted murals, and have now begun writing and film-making.

For a comprehensive look at what I have done, please see the History pages.
For more recent work see the relevant sections using the spectrum links top-left. Colourful website? I use the spectrum to convey the full range of what the studio offers and produces - it is nothing to do with LGBT. Within this site you will see how this studio is always being innovative: from it's use of unconventional media (eg: eye-shadow) mixing media (pencil & photo, ink & pastel) to how it creates and presents it's art, (glass layers, liquid and lights, and much more!)

Enjoy looking around and discovering
our fun and inventive world...

7 stones each painted as a colour of the spectrum
A selection of colourful stones for Haydon Rocks

Stone in love - love birds. Who will be lucky enough to find this one?Rock cake part of the Idiom series of ten stone paintings. Others included: Rock and Roll, Rococo and Rocking Horse.
Stone in love and Rock cake: 2 designs from
theIdiom series of 10 painted stones.

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So... What have we been doing lately?

  We've been having fun producing a series of hand-painted stones which have been hidden at various play-grounds and sites around the Parish of Haydon Wick, and some further afield. There were 10 in the Idiom Series which I particularly like; 7 coloured stones and many more lucky stones, including a 'Rock-a-dile!'. So far only 3 or 4 have been posted as being found, but they are out there... somewhere! Keep looking.

4 examples from the painted stone idiom series

(Rock-et, 2 birds with 1 stone, stone the crows, blood from a stone.
Not pictured was one of a pharaoh's mask, with hieroglyphics on the back.
Once de-coded it read: A stone for mummy! I like art to be interactive.)

   More illustrations were submitted to the Haydon Parish Magazine: Haydon Living.
   Illustrations for the Cavalier King Charles Walking Group were done for their Facebook Group and various apparel.
  cavailer walk dogcavalier walk dog 2   facebook avatar for cavalier walk

  A series of all-new gnomes were designed for a complete update for the advertising for Swindon gardening firm -
Garden Gnomes.
New garden gnome design - rustic colours and over large hat
  Work continues on this Website, with hopes of full completion by the end of the year. (at last!)
  After the website is completed, work will begin again on the Morris Book, and the Charity Project. Horror posters will be painted for submission to LSOH. Stories for filming will also be progressing. It is busy, as always! To see the full list click here.
"Within this site you will see how this studio is always being innovative: from it's use of unconventional media,
to how it creates and presents it's art."